Official press release GF 2018

Official press release GF 2018


Our position is now definitive. We have just communicated to Publitalia that we immediately withdraw our Steel Pan brand products from the Big Brother house.

After having disassociated in recent days from the abusive and violent behavior that occurred among the tenants of this edition of the GF, we have decided that it is right to give a very strong and clear signal that our company does not intend, and never will, sponsor content that incites and they promote attitudes of violence towards the female world in whatever form it is and even less bullying, persevered by too many days.

Steel Pan, as official sponsor of Big Brother 2018, has decided to participate in this television format with the aim of approaching a young and dynamic audience, but certainly could never predict that in a reality show, and therefore in a climate gambling and always a television show, we could reach such behavior to be firmly condemned. We are close to our consumers and to the many people who in these days have expressed their disappointment and against seeing our brand approached these images.

Steel Pan is a company chaired by a woman who has always fought for social equity, fighting against all forms of violence against women with various charitable actions in this regard, which puts first the respect for its employees and for the all consumers, from eco-sustainable development to conservation, from its foundation, of 100% Made in Italy.

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